Throw Back Thursday! The Drakes! – Making the puppets – Part One – Bigfoot!

The Drakes Poster

I was given the idea recently to post some pictures of previous builds as part of a “Throw Back Thursday” theme. For my first post, I decided to go big… Bigfoot that is!

And I decided since it’s a throw back, I will show the process backwards!

I started building this puppet about two years ago. Below you will see some pics and descriptions from the building process of the bigfoot puppet that was created for The Drakes concept pitch. He’s a meandering through life, weightlifting, fist pumping, Jersey Shore-esq type of character. He since has been lovingly named, Duane ‘The Train’.  Check it out!





He’s a full bodied, live hand puppet. His pelvis and legs are detachable for close up shots when his lower half isn’t seen.


He was completely sewn by hand for the best results in hiding seams. Let’s just say, it took a while!



His arms can be tried in place and removed through reinforced holes in the shoulder using shoelaces.


His head was made from a combination of reticulated foam and a closed cell foam called L-200.


His entire body constructed in foam. Looks like Robo-puppet.


Back of his pelvis. His legs are attached with strips of leather.


Custom patterns made from after the mock up design process.


A full scale mock up was made in poly foam to see the size and proportions of the puppet.


His feet were carved from blocks of poly foam and sanded smooth with a dremel.


Big Ole Feet!!


Head mock up with his mouth plate shape pinned in place.


His head mock up in it’s most basic shape before alterations. See we keep going backwards!


Nope, that’s not a peanut, that’s the beginning of his heap shape!


The oval shape glued from leaf shaped pieces of foam.


Leaf pattern traced onto poly foam. The dimensions were calculated using a ‘ball equation’ to scale up from a concept drawing.

And that’s a brief backwards overview of how Duane “The Train” Drake came to be!

Check out next week’s post, where I will share the process of making Brielle, the pageant competing four year old little girl from The Drakes!

The Drakes Poster

One Comment on “Throw Back Thursday! The Drakes! – Making the puppets – Part One – Bigfoot!

  1. Thanks for sharing the pics and how you brought this great puppet to life. I am new to puppets and will be using them in my next big video project. I have loved puppets since I was a kid. Used to make puppets out of paper mache and would do puppet shows for the kids in the neighbor. So I guess those critters have been in my blood for a long time. I think what you are doing is fantastic. Can’t wait to see your next post. Have a super weekend. Cheers!! Scott Woodings-Curtis Scott Studios, Milwaukee, WI

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