Throw Back Thursday! The Drakes! – Making the puppets – Part Two – Brielle!

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I was given the idea recently to post some pictures of previous builds as part of a “Throw Back Thursday” theme. For my first post, last week, I decided to post about the Bigfoot puppet character I built for The Drakes!

This week I give you his niece, Brielle! She’s a four year old beauty pageant competing little girl. She is carried around in a baby bjorn by her father who is an overprotective stage dad, played by me!! She was inspired by ‘Honey Boo’ when I first saw her on Toddlers and Tiaras.

Below you will see some pics and descriptions from the building process of the puppet that was created for The Drakes concept pitch.  Check it out!


As I did with Duane, the bigfoot, I started with a mock up from a pattern I had laying around. I used it as a jumping off point, and ultimately made modifications to it.


Using reticulated foam, I glued her head shape together.



I use Barge cement, which is really strong contact cement.


Barge is very vaporous and can be dangerous. I always use a respirator. Safety first peeps!


If I am making a puppet for myself, I will experiment and always try something new each time I make one. Usually with the parts going on in the inside. I’ve seen people use elastic for straps on the mouth plate, so I thought I’d do it and see for myself what the experience was. All in all, not a good approach for this puppet, for various reasons. Oh well, at least I know now!


Using armature wire, I fashioned the inside of her hand so it can be posable under the foam. Shoe laces run through the entire length of her arm so they can be attached or detached as needed.


Her little hands and feet patterned out and traced.


Hands, arms, legs, feet and head all glued together in foam.


I created a fabric pattern for her head out of one solid piece of fabric. I placed the seams under where I knew I was going to be placing her eyes. I used antron fleece that I hand dyed a flesh color so as to help reduce seam visibility.


I love her smile as she closes her mouth!


Her hand stitched legs all ready to go.


Her hand stitched arms ready to go too!


Fleece glued onto her ultra suede mouth. He nose was placed underneath the fleece that was stretched around and glued down. Here she is with some place holder paper eyes pinned in place so I could preassemble the eyes with proper pupil placement. How nerdy does all that sound?


A blonde curly wig, her eyes, some lips, buckteeth, and a pair of tonsils and a tongue, and she is all done!


Here she is in her baby bjorn all ready to be worn!



For more information about the live action mockumentary comedy concept The Drakes, please click on the links page to be directed to the website.

The Drakes Poster

4 Comments on “Throw Back Thursday! The Drakes! – Making the puppets – Part Two – Brielle!

  1. would you consider having Trisha Paytas making an appearance on you your show as a miner character, any plans for more miner puppet characters (abominable snowman/ other dragons/minotaur/medusa like character/jackalope/aliens/) ?

  2. I have deliberately avoided using Barge because I’ve read it’s so hazardous. I found that LePage makes a water-based contact cement that is low odor. Works great, especially if you have a heat gun or hair dryer to speed up the drying process of the glue. But then I wear hearing protection because of the noise and the risk of hearing damage.

    • I will have to look into that, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Where can you get LePage?

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